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Dear customers and our community,

We appreciate you and all clientele that has kept us in business all these years. We understand that people are concerned during this time of uncertainty and risk of exposure. We want to remind people that this is a great time for those working or stuck at home to make sure their cars are in tip top shape. When the economy and work force comes back in full force, the last thing people will want to do is take more time off from work.

We at Pasadena Motor Cars are taking this seriously and have taken precautionary measures to reduce risk and exposure of COVID-19 and any other germs. We are already one of the cleanest Auto Repair facilities, as you know. We are sterilizing all facility surfaces, countertops, door handles, light switches, tools, equipment, computer keyboards, mouse, etc… We also have boxes of tissues and gloves at entry and in the office for anyone entering, from customers to deliveries. We posted signage and our policy stating guidelines, including no entry if you are experiencing symptoms of illness or if you have been in contact with anyone who may have been ill. We have always used floor mats and plastic seat covers and sometimes latex gloves and steering wheel covers when working on vehicles. We have now mandated this for every vehicle. We are also washing the interior and exterior of all vehicles before leaving our facility.

More importantly, limiting social contact is key. We are offering pickup and delivery of vehicles and accepting payment over the phone to reduce the risk of unneeded exposure. For all the essential businesses and employees from Law Enforcement to Grocery stores, we will also pick up and deliver your vehicles from your work place. While we have your vehicle, if there is any other needs we can assist with, we will try our best to do so. We can refuel your vehicle, pick up groceries, supplies or anything else you can think of that will keep you at home and limit unnecessary trips out and unneeded exposure. This is crucial for those with health issues and or elderly customers. We thank you for all of your business in the past and ask that you please reach out to us with any needs.

Thank you much!

Aaron and Owen Curtis Owners of Pasadena Motor Cars.