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Paint Repair and More in Pasadena

Is your car in need of some work? At Pasadena Motor Cars, we are experts in getting your car back into the best condition possible. Our passion and skill set speaks for itself—with hundreds of happy customers who keep coming back time and time again for more great services. We hope to make you a happy Pasadena Motor Cars customer as well.

mechanic working on car part

Headlight Restoration

There can be many reasons why your car will need to have its headlights restored, such as collisions, weather damage, scratches, and more. It’s important to have your headlights operating as they should so that you can prevent accidents and hefty fines. Be safe rather than sorry, and send your car into Pasadena Motor Cars today for headlight restoration.

Detailing Work

At Pasadena Motor Cars, we make it a point to clean your car thoroughly from the inside out. We have access to some of the best cleaners and techniques on the market so that your car can be restored to tip-top shape. We know how to work with a variety of materials (vinyl, leather, plastic, metal, suede, etc.) and only use the products that should be used for them. Our experts can have your car looking as good as new in no time.

Paint Repair

Is your car scratched or chipped? At Pasadena Motor Cars we are skilled in repairing paint damage on cars of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We work with only the best paint brands to ensure that there’s no streaking or blotching and that the paint is a perfect match to your car. We are confident in our services and skills when it comes to paint repair.

Smog Check

If you’re in need of getting your car checked for smog emissions, let our experts help you! We are qualified and licensed to conduct smog tests for all kinds of vehicles. We understand that it can be inconvenient to have your car sent in for smog checks, that’s why we work fast and hard to save you time and effort.

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