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Quality Auto Detailing in Pasadena

Maintaining the vehicle that you’ve invested a lot of hard-earned money on is important in order to keep it running at its optimum as well as ensure that it keeps its value and condition. Auto detailing that we offer at Pasadena Motor Cars looks after the restoration, finishing, and cleaning of your car. Our services ensure that your car looks shiny, vibrant, clean, and well-polished—both on the inside and on the outside. With regular detailing, you can maintain your car, and it can look good as new even years down the line. Give us a call today and inquire about our auto detailing services. We’ll be happy to work on your car.

bmw interior cleaned

Complete Auto Cleaning

It’s always a good idea to get your car professionally cleaned every once in a while. The interior of your car can have a lot of hard-to-reach places, and your average vacuum cleaner sometimes can not do the trick. Send your car to us at Pasadena Motor Cars, and we’ll work on cleaning your car in a variety of ways. We can remove tough stains through vacuuming, steam cleaning, chemical cleaners, and some of the best tools like brushes and cloths. We promise to do our best job of restoring the interior of your car. If there are any scratches or dents, we’ll let you know and we can offer to have them taken care of as well. At Pasadena Motor Cars, there’s no job too big or small for us!

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing is the work on the outside of your car. This can mean cleaning it up or restoring it to its original condition. This can be done on the chrome trim, windows, wheels, tires, and all of the other parts of the car’s surface. There many ways we can restore your car’s exterior and our technicians have access to the leading products and materials on the market to get your car back into shape. Our products include acid-free greasers, detergents, detail clay, waxes, polishes, drying towels, and shines.

Interior Detailing

As its name suggests, interior detailing pertains to the complete cleaning of the inside of your car. There are a variety of materials that are used in cars today, and they need very special care in order to restore them to their original condition. There is carpet, vinyl, leather, plastic, carbon fiber composites, and various other materials. Our technicians have great cleaning methods and will return your car to you in tip-top shape.

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