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Top-Quality Services

We specialize in the technology of today’s cars and we take pride in keeping everything up to date on all of these computer systems.

mechanic looking at car underside

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is a broad area as the enhancements can be done to several parts of the car. This can be done on the interior as well as the exterior of the car.

Auto Body Repair

At Pasadena Motor Cars, we are experts in getting your car back into the best condition possible. Our passion and skill set speaks for itself—with hundreds of happy customers who keep coming back time and time again for more great services.


Our services ensure that your car looks shiny, vibrant, clean, and well-polished—both on the inside and on the outside. With regular detailing, you can maintain your car, and it can look good as new even years down the line.

Smog Check

The state of California has its own strict laws about smog, these laws have been put in place to reduce air pollution and create a better environment for all.

Family Owned, Factory Trained