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Performance Tuning for Cars in Pasadena

Performance tuning for your car can entail enhancing the performance of your car according to your needs and desires. Since most cars are purchased with factory settings, this can mean mediocre performance as these cars are tuned for the average driver. Performance tuning is a way for you to add your personality and preference to your cars. This can mean stronger power, easier handling, and more fuel efficiency. Performance tuning is popular with all sorts of models of cars, and at Pasadena Motor Cars, we’re here to help you tune your car to your liking.

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What Can Be Done?

Performance tuning is a broad area as the enhancements can be done to several parts of the car. A tuning company we are currently working with is Velocity AP. Performance tuning can be done on the interior as well as the exterior of the car. Some of the ways you can tune your car include:

  • Body Tuning: Upgrade the aerodynamics and aesthetics of your car by changing the body of your car. There are several ways you can do this.
  • Engine Tuning: The engine of your car can be improved in several ways such as intake manifold and spark plugs. Turbochargers and superchargers can be replaced as well. As the engine is the heart of the car, it’s important to bring your car to a reputable technician.

Other Methods to Tune Your Car


You can improve the sound system of your car by upgrading it with a better radio, speakers, sub woofers, amps, and wiring.

Suspension Tuning

You can change the suspension of your car by tweaking the springs, shock absorbers, and sway bars. You can also create a lowrider that has a hydraulic suspension system in place.


You can change the tires of your car to give it a different look and feel. The tires can increase the grip, comfort, rolling resistance, and more.


Improvements can be done to the interiors of the car including the seats, dashboard, lights, and more. This is highly customized and can give your car real style and a personal touch.

Detuning for Your Car

Whether you’ve just purchased a second-hand car that has been tuned or if you’re looking to undo the work you’ve put into your car, at Pasadena Motor Cars, we can help you detune your car. This means that we can restore your vehicle to factory settings.

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